Chain Of Survival

In a cardiac arrest with every minute that passes the patient has a 14% less chance of survival until a defibrillator arrives. The national survival rate for cardiac arrests is 3%, when a defibrillator is provided in the first 5 minutes this rises to 25%. By attending cardiac arrests in their local area Community First Responders can provide defibrillation within these golden minutes and so improve the survival rate of patients.
We provide an additional resource to the ambulance service responding to life threatening ‘Category A’ 999 calls. Dealing with cases in our local area we are able to arrive before ambulance crews and provide defibrillation and other life saving care as well as promoting recovery before a crew arrives.
We operate a strict deployment protocol and operating procedures set by East Of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust. All Community First Responders are CRB checked on an annual basis.
Community First Responders are trained to a high level with regular refresher training. These skills and knowledge is passed onto the local community through regular training in areas such as CPR sessions to local organisations.