Becoming a CFR
There’s no such thing as a typical CFR. Volunteers come from all walks of life such as shop owners, bankers, care workers but you need to be:
  • Aged between 18-70
  • Physically fit to a degree
  • Hold a current driving licence with no more than 3 points and have access to a car
  • Have a caring nature
  • Be able to commit time each month of at least 14hrs.
  • Attend regular training sessions 1 each month
  • Willing to help raise the profile of the scheme

Due to the nature of the work all members of the team are subject to a CRB Check.

How much time do I have to give? That’s entirely up to you. Some CFR’s are on call 24hrs a day others do certain days of the week, other doing evenings. All we ask is, due to the nature of the work you need to keep you’re skills up to date and that only happens through experience and regular usage. Minimum of 14hrs per calendar month can be split into different days.