Corporate Partners

We try our best to keep our costs to a minimum and make sure every penny raised goes towards recruiting volunteer Community First Responders and lifesaving equipment.

We are looking for local businesses from within the Harwich & surrounding villages who are willing to provide a service to the Harwich & District Community First Responder scheme for free, or a reduced price.

Why we are looking for Corporate Sponsorship
Mainly it is to improve the lifesaving service we offer to the communities we serve. Because the Towers Hotel have given us a meeting place to our scheme, we do not have to spend money in this area, diverting the money to the lifesaving equipment we have to purchase.

Benefits for your business
Perhaps the biggest advantage given to businesses that sponsor the Harwich & District Community First Responder scheme is the increased visibility gained throughout the community. Your business’s name and logo can be added to our website and included on all mailings, advertisement and other promotional materials produced.

The increase visibility of your business’s name and logo leads to increased brand recognition throughout the community. An easily recognised brand makes closing sales all the more effortless. Increased sales equals increased revenue.

A variety of tax reliefs are available to encourage charitable giving. For businesses there are also benefits such as improved relationships with the local community, positive publicity of varying kinds, and enhanced employee relations.

We are also available to organise a photo shoot to help raise awareness of our partnership and hopefully get it published in the local newspapers.

For more information please contact the Fundraising Team -

Corporate Partners
Towers Hotel - Free use of their facilities for meetings and training.